Installing your BlueScan II on Android

Insert the BlueScanII into your vehicle’s OBD2 port. Turn the ignition on the vehicle to Position II or where all warning lights are present on the dashboard.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, on your device. This will usually open up a screen prompting to scan for new devices. Start the scan. The BlueScanII should be recognised as ‘OBD’.  Click to pair the device. If your Android device asks for a pin code, enter 1234. Now the BlueScanII should be paired.

Installing a diagnostic software

There are numerous softwares/apps you can use with this device. Typically any ELM327 compatible one will work. Examples include InCarDoc,  OBD Auto Doctor, Torque Pro, HobDrive and TuneECU Android. Please see links to the right for relevant softwares.